It's no secret to Texas music fans that The Dirty River Boys put on one of the best live shows in the scene.

Well, if you're in Tyler or the East Texas area you're going to get your chance to see it live.

The Dirty River Boys are playing at Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ this Friday night (Nov. 15).

RTX's own Buddy Logan once called seeing The Dirty River Boys live "indescribable." He even went as far as to say they put on the "best live show in Texas."

Big words, and it's the only reason you need to go to Stanley's to see 'em in action. You can get tickets in advance at Outhouse Tickets or pray to the Texas music gods there will be tickets left at the door.

The show will be opened by The Scrips. Cover is $15.

And if you need some convincing, I'll just leave this lil' video right here.

The Dirty River Boys: 'Lookin' for the Heart'