Last year was our first-ever BEARDY Awards, but twelve months is a long time to remember, so just in case you've forgotten who had the most luxurious facial hair in 2015, here's a big hairy reminder.

Shave Normally October is officially behind us, and No Shave November is officially upon us, which means it's time to announce the winners of our 2015 BEARDY Awards.

Categories include: Mustache of the Year, Defensive Beard of the Year, Showstopper Beard of the Year, Comeback Beard of the Year, Rookie Beard of the Year, and the coveted MVB (Most Valuable Beard).

New categories in our first-ever awards this year are: Breakout Beard Performance of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Beard, and DJ Beard of the Year.

Only after careful deliberation, we here at Radio Texas, LIVE! are ready to announce our winners.

  • Steven Peters Photography

    Mustache of the Year

    Evan Felker of The Turnpike Troubadours

    The Felker 'stache may be the only truly capable 'stache in the Texas / Red Dirt scene. The coolest part is it's not always there -- and just when you think it's gone for good, boom. Felker 'stache.

  • Defensive Beard of the Year

    Phil Hamilton

    We didn't hear much from the perennial MVB finalist in 2015, but we attribute it to the father-to-be's recent marriage to Erica Perry. That and the fact a beard no matter how epic, can't just take care of itself. Beards are innately not that into personal hygiene. It's not in their genes.

  • Steven Peters Photography

    Showstopper Beard of the Year

    Brandon Rhyder

    Hey Rhyder! Where the hell did this beard come from? And how'd it become so showstopping?

  • Comeback Beard of the Year

    Bart Crow

    When temperatures start dropping, the beard on Crow's face starts growing in all it's glory. But rest assured, because only two things in nature are certain: birds fly south for the winter, and Bart Crow's beard does for the spring.

  • Instagram

    Rookie of the Year

    Bennett Brown of Shane Smith and the Saints

    Bennett has always sported a nice clean beard, nothing to write home about. Then BAM! Gloriousness in 2015.

  • Cody Jinks

    Breakout Beard Performance of the Year

    Cody Jinks

    While the Jinks beard has been a staple in Dallas and Fort Worth night clubs for years, in 2015 it really hit its stride. Look out America! There's already been talk about renaming these awards, "The JINKSY Awards."

  • Lifetime Beard Achievement Award

    Kevin Russell of Shinyribs

    Can you find a beardless picture of Kevin Russell? Cause we can't. But we didn't even try to Google it, or look on Facebook. Send it over if you find one. Until then we're assuming he's had this epic facial hair his whole life.

  • MVB (Most Valuable Beard)

    Cody Tate of Whiskey Myers

    We all love Whiskey Myers, but let's face it, the band would not be where they are this year without Tate's beard. The beard tallied 73 home runs, 137 RBI, was walked a record setting 177 times, batted .328, threw 45 touchdowns, averaged 32.3 points per game, 12.6 assists, and 4.7 rebounds. And to think it did with all those steroid-use accusations swirling around it.

    A damn witch-hunt. That's what that was.

  • DJ Beard of the Year (Major, Large, Medium, and Small Market)

    Ben Ryan

    Yo, Ben! Shave that filthy nasty thing! Just kidding. Never do that.