“The X Factor.” We all want it, especially musicians. But not everyone has it. There’s a lot of people trying to make it in this music scene and there’s a lot of forces trying to bring them down. But those with “The X-Factor” — that little spark that takes someone the extra mile — they will move mountains.

Rule No. 1: Heart and soul.

Rule No. 2: You'd kill to be on stage.

Rule No. 3: Humility.

Definition: modest opinion of one's own importance. Humble artists are a dime a dozen, and these guys have it. Don't get me wrong, the Dirty River Boys are a rambunctious group of ragtags, there is no denying that. They have amazing talent and are maxing out their gigs. And yet, they aren't above their fans. They are the people's people. Don't be surprised if you find them making friends among the crowd after the show, or if you're lucky, you'll catch them in the back alley for a private concert:

Last week, we played at Capital Bar in Ft Worth where there is a strict 'no minors' policy. This man and his son came and stood in the back alley so they could hear the show. We thought that was really cool, so we gave them a private concert right before we hit the stage

Peace. Love. Music.