“The X Factor.” We all want it, especially musicians. But not everyone has it. There’s a lot of people trying to make it in this music scene and there’s a lot of forces trying to bring them down. But those with “The X-Factor” — that little spark that takes someone the extra mile — they will move mountains.

Rule No. 1: Heart and Soul.
Rule No. 2: You’d Kill to be on Stage.
Rule No. 3: Humility.

Rule No. 4: Balls of Steel.

Yes, some ladies have these too. It takes a pretty ballsy person to turn down fame and fortune, when it's right in front of them -- and for Stewart Mann, it was for the principle of his music.

For those of you who don't know, Mann used to be managed in Nashville. He was opening for some pretty dang big Nashville artists, and headed for the big leagues. However, they wanted him to change his music, the heart and soul behind his existence. When enough was enough, he packed up his things and made his way back to Texas -- without even telling his manager!

Some call that irresponsible. I call it Balls of Steel.

Today, you'll find him touring the 'Texas Scene' with his band, Statesboro Revue, playing groovy tunes. Check out 'Lil Mary's Last Stand' ... it's a personal favorite.