Texans aren't unaccustomed to severe weather, including tornadoes. When tornadoes strike they can also be disastrous. There is not much we can do but hunker down and hide from these powerful weather phenomena while they pass by.

Unfortunately, there have been many of these storms that have taken many lives across the state. Today I am going to look at the 10 deadliest tornadoes that have struck Texas and two of the deadliest that recently struck East Texas in Canton and Van.

How a Tornado Forms

Tornadoes are a powerful, rotating mixture of warm and cold air. Most tornadoes form from what's called a supercell. These supercells are far more powerful than a typical thunderstorm. Inside a supercell is a spinning column of air called a vortex.

That vortex sucks up the moist, warm air around it and expels cold, dry air toward the ground. This will cause the vortex to go from a horizontal spin to a vertical spin creating a funnel cloud that could eventually touch the ground (britannica.com). This is a rather simple explanation but I think you get the drift.

Van and Canton Tornadoes

In East Texas, we've seen our fair share of tornadoes. Over the last 10 years, we've seen two very powerful tornadoes, one in Van in 2015 and in Canton in 2017. The tornado in Van in 2015 was classified as an EF-3 and killed two people (tylerpaper.com).

The two killed were the grandparents of one of my classmates from Lindale High School. The Canton tornado in 2017 was classified as an EF-4 with winds topping 185 miles per hour (FOX 4).

Deadly Tornadoes in Texas

While those two storms were devastating to each East Texas town, both Canton and Van were lucky to not see any more casualties than what was reported. For the ten tornadoes, we'll look at below, that was not the case.

The storms below produced large and very destructive funnels that destroyed homes and businesses and killed hundreds. All the information comes from weather.gov with links to various articles and YouTube videos going into more detail about the storm that moved through that area at that time.

These are the 10 Deadliest Tornadoes to Have Struck Texas Since 1900

Tornadoes are nothing new to us in East Texas or throughout the state of Texas. Being on the bottom end of Tornado Alley means we've seen some powerful tornadoes strike in our state.

Gallery Credit: YouTube, dissolve.com, newspapers.com

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