Remember that mix of emotions in the pit of your stomach you experience your senior year? That excited, rebellious, motivated, nostalgic yet incredibly sad feeling? Even those of us who have been alumni for quite some time remember this feeling well.

A new round of back-to-school seniors are about to experience this for the first time, which I believe is starting to take full effect right now as football season kicks off. I recall having a senior song or "anthem" our senior year... and I definitely know I'm not alone in this. A song that brought out the best memories of our time spent there.

There happens to be a few songs [as of recent] that are reminiscent of this for me and bring back a wave of memories. Whether you're heading into your senior year or just feeling nostalgic, here are a few of our favorite country songs that will get you through or take you through senior year. Enjoy :)

5. Cody Johnson - Ride With Me

4. Wade Bowen - When I Woke Up Today

3. Cold Steel Revolver - Stompin Grounds

2. Mike Ryan - Damn Good Goodbye

1. Sam Riggs - The Lucky Ones


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