Due to recent events, which will go unmentioned, I thought I would give Texas Music fans a little hope from cupid. It takes a lot of courage, trust and respect to be with someone who who travels on the road. Trust me, I know ;)

Here are five artists that have done an amazing job as a husband, wife, father or mother while maintaining the hectic life as a musician:

5. Cody

Cody is managed by his lovely wife, Shannon. Although they share a business relationship, they have maintained a strong love and foundation within each other and their family.

4. Cody Johnson

Pretty much all of his tunes are love songs, and testament to the love he and his wife share. It doesn't get better than that.

3. Charla Corn

I mean, I'm pretty sure this picture just says it all. She is an amazing mother supported by a wonderful husband. And always full of joy.

2. Wade Bowen

Wade takes a week off every quarter to spend time with his lady and his kiddos. Despite many trials, they continue to strengthen their bond and love for another.

1. Granger Smith

Granger and his wife Amber both have careers in the spotlight, and they support each other to no end. Not to mention they have the cutest babies, EVER!