Throughout the history of "Texas Music" there have been certain artists that stepped forward as... "leaders" per-say. These leaders made headway for the rest of our favorite artists. In the beginning, we had Pat Green, Cory Morrow and Roger Creager step up, followed by Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen etc etc etc.

I'd like to go ahead and make the prediction that our next round of leaders in the Texas Music scene are gearing up to make wave on waves... see what I did there ;) A revolution one could say.

Not every artist is capable of such a feat, but we have full confidence that the dudes below are about to blow the roof off of Texas Music, as we know it. Maybe this year, maybe the next, but here are Our Top 5 Picks for Texas Artists That Will Dominate 2015:

Shane Smith

Sam Riggs

Cody Johnson

Mike Ryan

William Clark Green

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