In August of last year Mike and the Moonpies dropped an orchestra-infused-country-music bomb on us. By December, The Moonpies' sixth studio album, Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold, had become a top country album of 2019; included among the best by outlets including Rolling Stone Country, Saving Country Music, and us at Radio Texas, LIVE!. It's a masterpiece.

The project was recorded at Abbey Road Studios (yes, that Abbey Road Studios), rounded out with backing from the London Symphony Orchestra, and produced by Adam Odor. The end product certainly deserving of such an iconic production.

The Moonpies' 2018 album Steak Night At The Prairie Rose was one of that year's best reviewed releases; landing on numerous “Best Of” lists including nods from Rolling Stone Country for “40 Best Country and Americana Albums of 2018,” and “25 Best Country and Americana Songs of 2018,” and Saving Country Music named them the No. 1 Best Live Performance of 2018.

To honor one of our favorite bands, and since the main Moonpie celebrated his birthday yesterday, here are our Top 7 Mike and the Moonpie Songs Of All Time. If you haven't got on board with The Moonpies yet, today's the day... And happy birthday, Mike!

7. "Mockingbird"

6. "Damn Strait"

5. "Road Crew"

4. "Beaches of Biloxi"

3. "You Look Good in Neon"

2. "Steak Night at the Prairie Rose"

1. "Country Music's Dead"

Oh wait, shouldn't we include a cover on the list (aside from Jonathan Terrell's "Damn Strait")? Did Mike and the Moonpies really cover Fastball's breakout smash "The Way"? Yes, indeed they did. Man, we loved this song in 1998 and we loved their updated, uptempo take in 2019. A magnificent effort, an outstanding song.

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