Can Randall King string together a run at No. 1, or will "She Gone" run out of gas after a single week on top for the Amarillo native? I'll tell you what, Casey Donahew and Cody Johnson are hot on his tail, their singles are two of the biggest gainers for the week. Let's dive in and find out where everyone lands this week on Texas radio.

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10. Mark Powell - Project
9. Parker McCollum - Like a Cowboy
8. Randall King - Hey Cowgirl
7. Aaron Watson - Whisper My Name
6. Chad Cooke Band - Cowboy's Cowgirl
5. Josh Abbott Band - The Luckiest
4. Jesse Raub Jr. - I'd Look Good On You
3. Jody Booth & Tracy Byrd - Lonesome On'ry and Mean
2. Cody Johnson - Dear Rodeo
1. Casey Donahew - Bad Guy

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Song rankings compiled each week by the CDXTraction TX Chart.

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