The first half of summer at Texas radio was dominated by the Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers man-duet, "Hold My Beer." As schools begin to open up across Texas, the second half has been full-on Honky Tonk Kid domination.

Despite having to cancel shows due to COVID exposure in his camp, Aaron Watson has managed to keep the top spot on lock down. Meanwhile David Adam Byrnes, Micky and the Motorcars, and Kin Faux are all over here fighting it out for Top 5 positioning. Let's find out where everyone lands this week on Texas radio.

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10. Drew Fish Band - One Beer at a Time
9. Jamie Richards - Up in Twang
8. Triston Marez with Ronnie Dunn - Where The Neon Lies 
7. Darrin Morris Band - Wrap You Up in Love
6. Teague Brothers Band - Don't Want To Go Home
5. Kyle Park - Rewind
4. Kin Faux - Plainview
3. David Adam Byrnes - Signs
2. Micky & The Motorcars - Rodeo Girl
1. Aaron Watson - Boots

Big congratulations to Aaron Watson who remains on top for another week, hell I can't even keep track of how many weeks that is for him on top. Song rankings compiled each week by CDX Traction - Texas.

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