After a single week on top of the Texas chart, the dynamic duo of Kevin Fowler and Deryl Dodd take a tumble to the four spot. So who takes over at No. 1? Bart Crow, Casey Donahew or another dyanimic duo; Randy Rogers/Wade Bowen?  Let’s find out.

10. Saints Eleven -- I Don't

9. The Statesboro Revue — Undone

8. Josh Grider You Dream I’ll Drive

7. Mike RyanGirls I Date

6. Curtis Grimes — Smile That Smile

5. TJ Broscoff — Phone Calls

4. Kevin Fowler and Deryl Dodd Damn This Ol’ Honky Tonk Dream

3. Bart Crow Band Life Comes At You Fast

2Casey Donahew Band Loser

1. Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen — Ladybug

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