Wade Bowen's historic two month reign at No. 1 has finally come to its end. So who had what it took to dethrone Wade? Josh Ward, Randall King, Jake Ward, and Flatland Cavalry all look to slide into the top spot, but only one can. Let's find out who's got the biggest song in Texas this week.

10. James Lann - Memory Like You
9. Chad Cooke Band - Whatever It Takes
8. William Clark Green - Stay
7. Casey Donahew - Let's Make a Love Song
6. Sarah Hobbs - Like I Love You
5. Flatland Cavalry - Old School
4. Jake Ward - Put You Down Tomorrow
3. Wade Bowen - Fell in Love on Whiskey 
2. Josh Ward - The Devil Don't Scare Me
1. Randall King - Takin' Me a Heartbreak

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