For the third consecutive week Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers keep their man-duet "Lady Bug" at No. 1. Big ups to the guys on that accomplishment. But where do the rest of the biggest songs lie? Casey Donahew, Bart Crow or Curtis Grimes are all vying for that No. 2 spot, who gets it? Let’s find out.

10. Bri Bagwell – My Boots

9. Saints Eleven — I Don't

8. Jon Wolfe -- Don't it Feel Good

7. Josh Grider You Dream I’ll Drive

6. Mike RyanGirls I Date

5. Bart Crow Band Life Comes At You Fast

4. TJ Broscoff — Phone Calls

3. Casey Donahew Band Loser

2Curtis Grimes — Smile That Smile

1. Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen — Ladybug

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