I would like to think it is my job as a writer and music advocate to bring fresh new music and faces to your attention — I use the term “underground music” loosely, in the sense that these artists deserve much more attention than they are receiving.

Remember The Trishas? Then you certainly have heard the angelic voice of one Kelley Mickwee. Following the indefinite hiatus of the band, many of the members, including Jamie Wilson and Mickwee, went on to pursue a solo career:

“I’m totally starting from scratch again,” says the 34-year-old singer-songwriter. “And it’s scary, starting from what’s basically a blank slate — but it was totally out of necessity.”

Starting from scratch with a new sound under a new name can pose its challenges, but Mickwee's sound is so pure and unique that it is catching on like wildfire. Check her out and let us know what you think!