On Sunday May 4th, Granger Smith and Co. set out on their fourth Annual 100 Mile Boot Walk from S. Austin to Fort Hood. The goal, raise awareness and money for our military. Today the walk culminates with a concert in Harker Heights from William Clark Green, Kimberly Dunn, Josh Grider, Brian Keane, and of course Granger.

There are some Americans who understand and appreciate the price our military men and women pay, and the sacrifices they make. For them it’s a part of who they are. And whether it’s innately a part of you, or you were taught by parents and grand parents who understood — if you get it, you’ll always get it.

Then there are people who don’t understand it, and some who never will.

Granger is one of the ones that get’s it.

This year Granger set a fundraising goal of $50,000. All monies raised through the 4th Annual Boot Walk will benefit the Boot Campaign, a national 501c3 non-profit dedicated to showing tangible appreciation of our active military, raising awareness of the challenges they face upon return and supporting their transition home.

The guys are still short on this year's goal, click here to donate.

Important Information:

Purpose: To express gratitude, acknowledge service of military, past and present, and to raise support funds for the Boot Campaign.

When: Sunday, May 4th – Thursday – May 8th

Where: The 100-mile walk will depart from H-E-B in Oak Hill (South Austin) on Sunday, May 4th and end with a concert at Fort Hood Harley Davidson in Harker Heights, TX on Thursday, May 8th

Why: Granger will again be walking 100 miles in 5 days to support for the brave men and women serving our country, and raising funds to help Boot Campaign continue in cultivating awareness, promoting patriotism, and providing assistance to military and their families.