It's been nearly four months since Wade Bowen launched his YouTube series, “Garage Mahal.” The web-series has seen Bowen sing original and cover songs with friends, his son and more.

Filmed inside the Bowen household, right out there in his garage, this week Bowen showcases his vocals as he covers Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby.

I almost got to meet [Jackson Browne] one time," Bowen says introducing the video. "It was after the ASCAP awards in Nashville. He literally was a bout twenty feet from me. He finally stopped talking with people and started walking directly toward me, walked right by me. I did one of those [head nods and] 'hey how ya doin?' He said 'Hey how ay doin' as he walked by. I consider that my 'Yes, I got to meet Jackson Browne one time.

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