Wade Bowen’s highly anticipated, Solid Ground, will be released February 9, 2018, but it's available for pre-order now.

From Rolling Stone Country, Bowen wrote or co-wrote ten songs on Solid Ground, "Day of the Dead" was written solely by Keith Gattis, who produced the album. "He asked me to help him finish it, to which I replied, 'Man, it's done and so bad ass.' I couldn't wait to record it at that point. The imagery and mood that this song conjures up transport you directly to the deep West Texas desert that I've grown to know and love."

“Saying ‘this is my Texas album’ seems like an obvious statement from a guy who’s sweated it out in as many beer halls as I have…but Gattis pushed me harder on my writing than I’d ever been challenged before,” says Bowen. “Each morning, he and I got to the studio hours before the band to write, so the album’s sound was unfolding organically as we were recording it which unified the mood and grit of the whole thing.”

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