Great news Wade Bowen fans! The Texas Music stalwart announced a new album, Sold Ground. Slated for release on February 9, 2018, it features his newest radio hit “Acuña,”

Wade Bowen - Solid Ground

According to the press release, "the album’s cover depicts a weathered map stamped into the cracked red dirt of Bowen’s home state of Texas. While the album is clearly a loud, dirty love letter to Bowen’s roots, it’s also a wide-ranging addition to a not-quite-country, not-quite-rock genre where Springsteen, Tom Petty and Mellencamp are as influential as Guy Clark."

“Saying ‘this is my Texas album’ seems like an obvious statement from a guy who’s sweated it out in as many beer halls as I have…but Gattis pushed me harder on my writing than I’d ever been challenged before,” says Bowen. “Each morning, he and I got to the studio hours before the band to write, so the album’s sound was unfolding organically as we were recording it which unified the mood and grit of the whole thing.”

An acoustic version of “Acuña” was recorded by Bowen for his bi-weekly YouTube series, Garage Mahal.

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