Remember way back in 2016 when all your favorites started dropping George Strait covers?  I do.

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That November Wade Bowen became the last in a long line of Texas artists who inundated the internet with George Strait covers tover a six-week period. Not only did it make us all happy as hell, it was all done to promote Strait's box set, a three-disc, 56-track collection.

The box set features thirty-six of Strait’s hit singles including twenty-six No. 1s. In addition, Strait Out of the Box: Part 2, also offers fans two new songs, “Kicked Outta Country” and “You Gotta Go Through Hell,” Strait co-wrote both.

Back to "A Fire I Can't Put Out," it is an '80s country classic written by Darryl Staedtler, and recorded by George Strait. Released in May 1983, it became the fourth and final single off of Strait from the Heart. The song became the future King of Country's second No. 1.

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