"Then Sings My Soul… Songs for my Mother” is available for pre-order now. Originally, this record was not going to be...

Posted by Wade Bowen on Friday, March 4, 2016

That one time Wade Bowen made his momma a special birthday present and we all got to enjoy it...

Wade Bowen is set to release a new album of gospel music. Ttitled, Then My Sings My Soul…Songs For My Mother, the record was co-produced by Wade and Sean McConnell. Bowen wanted the album to be a gift for his mother, but with such great response and positive feedback he has decided to release the album for his fans.

“I am at such a good spot in my career right now with a lot of freedom, so this felt like the perfect time to release such a meaningful project.”

The idea of the album came from Bowen’s father.

“My dad came to me a few years ago and really wanted me to record a gospel album. It sounded like a fun idea but I didn’t put much thought into it because my schedule was so crazy busy. This past year he came to me again and asked if I would finally make the album so we could give it to my mother for a combination 70th birthday and Christmas present.”

The album will contain 12 tracks and feature new twists on the gospel standards “Amazing Grace”, “Old Rugged Cross”, “I’ll Fly Away” and will be released on March 18th.


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