Texas and Red Dirt bands are a tough bunch. It's normal for these guys and girls to spend 250+ nights on the road touring across the U.S. each year. But in this post-COVID world we all live in, they are being forced to find new ways to play shows for fans. Enter Wade Bowen.

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Did ya hear? Last week Wade announced Bowen's Backyard BBQ: Summer our 2020. What is that? Well, it means you can book Wade to play your backyard. On top of the live music they're also bringing the meats. According to the release Wade and crew are "opening up our calendar to include some small private backyard barbecues/ranch parties if anyone is interested. We will show up in the bus, pulling a smoker and start cooking first thing in the morning. Dinner will be served around 7p accompanied by an acoustic concert by Wade."

If you're interested you can contact BBQ@wadebowen.com and get more info on one of these intimate engagements.

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