It's a match made in redheaded-rodeo-heaven, and honestly I'm a little disappointed in myself for not predicting this very likely friendship. Cody Johnson and country music icon Reba McEntire striking up a friendship seems destined to be.

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Johnson's bull riding days are well documented, it's something even the fairest weather CoJo fan knows about the Texas native. He got his start selling his music out of the back of his truck after rodeos. Reba, too, has gone a record that rodeo was one of her first loves. It was in her blood, her father and grandfather were World Champion steer ropers.

“[Hearing the song] took me to the ’70s, when I realized that my rodeo career was going absolutely nowhere. And that I did have a God-given talent and I needed to be using it. This [song] was kind of a reminder that it’s going to be okay, that if you do leave rodeo for the music, you’re going to be okay.” –Reba via Taste of Country

You can hear Reba and Cody's new duet remix of “Dear Rodeo” right here. Then Cody took the friendship a step further, putting his spin on Reba's 1986 Grammy winning song, “Whoever’s In New England,” hear that here.

Up next the two friends sat down at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee,  to discuss everything they know about their first love, the rodeo.

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