There was a time, not that long ago, that the only place you could buy a Cody Johnson album was from the bed of Cody Johnson's pickup truck. It was back in his bull riding days that you could find him slinging his CDs after rodeos in the parking lot.

And while Johnson has grown into the premiere act in the country music scene -- you know CoJo still pines for those good ol' bull riding days. In this week's Distant Replay, from 2015, we get to see our favorite singing cowboy back getting dirty in the chute, doing what he loved first.

It was two weeks ago that Cody Johnson confirmed he'll be back playing RODEOHOUSTON, for a fourth straight year. "Houston! I’m coming home! Honored to be asked to play RODEOHOUSTON again this year. I’ll see y’all on March 12th. #CoJoNation."

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