George Strait made a surprise visit over the weekend (Sunday, November 10th) for a special private Veterans Day event at the opening of Mavericks Dance Hall in Buda.

“These staples and these places where people want to keep the culture, the country culture, and their community alive are disappearing. So that’s the main reason we built this place,” said Leo Velarde, Mavericks Dance Hall’s CEO and partner.

The King of Country took the Mavericks stage to pay tribute to and honor the town of Buda’s first-responders and veterans.

“We wanted to make sure that we gave something back and honored our troops and our servicemen and who better to do that than Mr. George Strait himself?”‘ Velarde said.

“He doesn’t do these little dance halls like this. Not that we’re little, but we’re introducing ourselves to the city of Buda and he’s just such a down-to-earth guy and he really wants to give back to the community,” event organizer Tracy Scialla said.

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