Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen are showing us just how much fun a break up song and music video can be. Today the pals debuted the video for "Rodeo Clown."

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It manages to bring levity to the sharply written tune, which is of course important for a song called "Rodeo Clown." How else do we know whether it's tongue-and-cheek or an all out assault on rodeo clowns? Be honest, this is the exact song, with a few key changes, you'd be writing after getting dumped - whether she left you for a doctor, or a lawyer... or a rodeo clown.

We all love rodeo clowns and respect their work is what I'm getting at, 'till you get left for one.

Why yes, since you asked, I have fielded exactly five calls from folks offended by the song. Figured I should get out ahead of it this time.

Be sure to stick around 'till the end for a cameo from world-renowned professional bull rider Tuff Hedeman. The album is available for pre-order now, and you can expect the 10-track follow-up to their critically acclaimed collaborative debut, Hold My Beer Vol.1, on May 8th.


1. “AM/FM” (Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Jon Randall, Jim Beavers)
2. “Rodeo Clown” (Chris DuBois, David Lee)
3. “Habits” (Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Jon Randall, Jim Beavers)
4. “Let Merle Be Merle” (Casey Twist, Ross Cooper, Josh Abbott)
5. “Rhinestoned” (Lori McKenna, Ryan Beaver, Ashley Ray)
6. “Ode To Ben Dorcy (Lovey’s Song)” feat. Waylon Jennings and Shooter Jennings (Waylon Jennings)
7. “Mi Amigo” feat. Asleep at the Wheel (Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Jon Randall, Jim Beavers)
8. “This Ain’t My Town” (Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Jon Randall, Jim Beavers)
9. “Warm Beer” (Adam Wright)
10. “Speak to Me Jukebox” (Wade Bowen, Will Knaak)
11. “Her” (Dean Dillon, Buddy Cannon)
12. “Hold My Beer” (Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Jim Beavers)

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