Now some experts are predicting that the majority of live concerts and festivals may still be on hiatus through fall of 2021, thanks to COVID. This means online concerts may remain our main outlet for live music for longer than we first realized. Enter Wade Bowen.

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If you missed it, this spring soon after the lock-down, Wade Bowen launched "Wade's World," and he and his friends have been broadcasting live most Friday nights from his garage to keep fans entertained. Randy Rogers, Stoney LaRue, and many more have joined wade on the internet to sing songs.

Earlier this week Wade announced that he would bringing it back, "I'm so happy to announce that Wade's World will be back this Friday! My band will be joining me, so it'll be the ULTIMATE ultimate Quaranstream."

Well, if you missed it Wade and his bands brought it last night. Watch the entire performance up top.

Back with another episode of Wade's World! My full band is joining me, so it's the ultimate ULTIMATE Quaranstream.

When I started Wade's World at the beginning of quarantine, I did it to bring you guys the live music I knew you were missing and to help keep my guys afloat. We're family out on the road, and these last few months have taken a toll on all of us. So, if you're able, I ask that you'll head to to help me support these guys. All money raised will go directly to the band and crew to help them get through this difficult time. Enjoy the show!


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