Throwing things at others is something most children grow out of by, like, six. Certainly don't chunk beers at bands who are performing for you on a stage. It's a real Dave move, Dave. But Koe Wetzel's response to an asshat in Texarkana, TX throwing a beer at his noggin was poetic.

Koe wins.

It's situations like these that we get real insight into who our favorite singers are, at their core. There are so many ways Koe could've reacted: cuss the drunken dunce out, call him a "d*ckhead," have security remove him, jump into the crowd and hit him with a beer bottle, stop playing; and really any one of these could be argued as a reasonable reaction.

But all would've turned the beerial-assault into something more than it needed to be. Koe handled it like only Koe could. Koe doesn't waste beer, and Koe knows the show must go on.

Koe's Six Steps For Reacting to Being Hit with a Beer in the Head Like a Champ.

  1. Start a band.
  2. Get hit in the head with a beer.
  3. Pick the beer up off the stage.
  4. Shotgun the beer.
  5. Chunk the empty back in the crowd.
  6. Continue singing your song with your chest hanging out of your unbuttoned, short-sleeved western shirt; while carefully placed fans continue blow your head, and chest hair.

We DM'd Lucas Owen who tweeted the video, and he explained why it is that Koe is connecting so well with fans, "he looks like he just got done bush hogging (the shirt, keys, and bandanna), and showed up to have a good time and play music all night.”

... "To have a good time, and play music all night." Not even a beer to the head can slow down the Koe show.

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