Whataburger is celebrating their anniversary with a special offer for everyone that loves a Whataburger.

Seventy years after opening the first Whataburger location in Corpus Christi, the burger chain is celebrating the milestone by offering up free Whataburgers when you purchase one from now through Sunday, August 9th. The only way to take advantage of this offer is by using your Whataburger mobile app or placing an order online.

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Growing up in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex, just seeing that A framed orange and white building always made my mouth water and my stomach crave a burger with an ice cold Dr. Pepper or vanilla shake. When I moved to East Texas over two decades ago, that feeling didn't change. In fact it's only grown stronger because I'm seeing those orange and white stripes more often now because I pass by a Whataburger at least twice a day because they're just down the street from my house and I pass it on my way to work and back. So just imagine how often I'm eating biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast and a number one combo with cheese and mustard on the way home!

To take part in the celebration and to get your free Whataburger you'll need to purchase a number one and then show them the bar code from your app or online order. Then enjoy that mouth watering burger!

You've got to absolutely love a burger place that has its own line of merchandise!

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