In 2013 Kyle Park dropped his George Strait tribute on us. Do you remember when he called into Radio Texas, LIVE! for the official radio debut of the song that contains 30+ Strait song titles?

When Kyle and I spoke he and the band had just gotten back from playing in Denver and Nebraska. So how were these Texans received north of the Mason Dixon?

"We'd played [Denver] before with Josh Abbott and Cory Morrow and Turnpike Troubadours," says Park."This was out first time to headline and we had just shy of 1,000 people... They love country music!

Park's latest and fourth album "Beggin' for More" was released just two months ago, and all ready features two No.1 singles ("True Love,""The Night is Young"). But Park is all ready itchin' to get working on his fifth album. And he has a fresh new outlook for this one.

"Yeah! I guess there's no rest for the weary," Park says laughing. "I all ready have ideas for new songs, styles and things I want to do. This time around instead of having twelve songs written when I go into the studio, and having charts, and trying to record 4-5 songs a day, I'm gonna rent a house for a month, we're gonna record the music in the house and write the songs on the spot."

We all know George Strait, he just landed the 60th No.1 single of his career and has announced he will be retiring from touring once his current Cowboy Rides Away Tour wraps in 2014.

We'll likely never be able to gauge his influence on Country Music over the past 30 years. But in one song Kyle Park has given us perhaps a reference point, and clearly shown the affect King George has had on him. And the new tune ships to radio very soon.

"One of my heroes is George Strait," Kyle told me. "And I have this song on my record that's a collaboration of all my favorite songs by him, all my favorite titles, it's called "Fit for the King," every word [in it] is a George Strait song."

To say it's a clever song is an understatement. True George Strait has had 60 No. 1's, and countless more Top 10's so Park wasn't short on Strait titles to choose from. But still, the fact that he was able to put over thirty of them into one song, and make a sensible story out of it is pretty cool.

Check the official radio debut of "Fit for the King" below, and the best part? You all ready know all the words!

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