There are few melodies more widely sung along to in the Lone Star State than Dairy Queen's catchy "That's What I Like About Texas" jingle. But, did you guys see this? It looks as if DQ is updating their lil earworm with a "fresh new sound." And, thus, a new mystery is born.

Today Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council began teasing news that beginning June 13th, a surprise country artist will take over the vocals of the iconic jingle for DQ restaurants here in Texas.

So, who is this Texas country artist? Who is bold enough to take on this memorable tune? Mark your calendars for the big reveal at 9 a.m. CST on June 13th at The announcement also will be made at 11 a.m. on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Listen, I'm not privy to any insider information here, but does that picture look a little bit Fuzzy to anyone else? Maybe if he's not able to buy a Hungr-Buster he's gotta quarter and a jukebox and could buy himself a chance.

Again, no one's told me a thing. I'm just over here guessing who this mystery person could be too.

Photos Courtesy of Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council
Photos Courtesy of Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council

Also they don't specify if it's a permanent take over, but you gotta think that it is, right?  Y'all got any guesses who this mystery singer is?

Celebrating 75 years of serving Texans, DQ® restaurants in Texas have been friendly, gathering spots where fans enjoy delicious treats and eats and create fond memories.

The Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council is a nonprofit organization made up of DQ franchisees operating in Texas. The Council develops the advertising and marketing program for DQ franchisees in Texas and controls the Texas Country Foods menu along with managing supply/distribution for the nearly 600 DQ restaurants in Texas.

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