Just like you gotta have a fiddle to play in Texas. If you gotta show in Alabama and you can't get Adam Hood on stage with you, you probably don't belong there in the first place.

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From Parker McCollum to Whiskey Myers and now Koe Wetzel, if you know you know, and all these boys know.

At his show in Huntsville, AL over the weekend Koe invited our favorite Alabamian to perform with him on stage -- cause that's just what you're supposed to do in the Heart of Dixie.

You may recall that Parker understood the assignment 100% last year. When Adam stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! last summer, soon after that performance, he told us that Parker actually asked to sing that song with him, and Adam was blown away that Parker know every single word.

"I haven’t sang a David Allan Coe song in years but by God, there are some things you never forget. That was a damn good time." - Adam Hood

Fast forward to last weekend, and Koe and Adam left the crowd with a spirited cover of the David Allan Coe classic "You Never Even Called Me By My Name." And just in case you were wondering, it's true, Koe's mom was inspired by DAC when she named her son.

If you still haven't hopped aboard the Adam Hood train, now is a great time. He's one of the most sought after songwriters in country music, and perhaps it's most under-appreciated performer. Adam Hood is the level above next level, and by God everyone needs to know these facts.

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