The night the lights went out in Oklahoma. Honestly, I'm assuming too much, I'm not sure which state Zach Bryan and Slade Coulter are in, perhaps Washington, definitely drunken. How awesome is this?

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Slade Coulter is a hot new act in the Texas scene you need to keep an eye on, he's got a smokin' new single "Hey Mary" that'll be coming to Radio Texas, LIVE! soon. Zach Bryan is a viral sensation. He's still on active duty in the US Navy, and the sky is the limit once his service is through.

So this clip of Slade and Zach has been making the rounds on Twitter, and we love it. Just a couple blasted pals singing Turnpike in an elevator, just like me and my friends, except when we do it we sound like warm dog turds.

I reached out to Slade to get some context on the video and he told me that Bryan had flown him up to be apart of his YouTube series, "The Belting Bronco."

It was a blast man. Zach and his team are super genuine, down to earth guys. As soon as they picked me up from the airport it was like we had been friends forever. So, naturally we did the kinds of things I normally do with my friends; drank a lot of beer and sang Turnpike at the top of our lungs.

See? They're just like us. Watch Slade's "The Belting Bronco" episode below:

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