Grammy-nominated country artist Zach Bryan is one to tell it like it is — his fans love his transparency and willingness to be open with them. Twitter has been his made mode of communication with those fans, until this week, when his account mysteriously vanished.

What Happened to Zach Bryan's Twitter Account?

The singer presumably deactivated his account, but no reason has been given for this departure from the platform. When searching for his handle, @zachlanebryan, fans are met with a page that reads, "This account doesn’t exist."

Currently, Bryan's Instagram page is still intact and he is still actively posting on his Stories, though he hasn't mentioned what may have happened on Twitter.

Fans were quick to point out the disappearance of his Twitter account, and many are wondering the reason for his exit. Others are turning to humor to share their confusion, with one fan writing, "Zach Bryan deleting his twitter is my villain origin story."

"Since @zachlanebryan deleted his twitter, I’m going to need him to start personally texting me those funny tweets at 3AM. Because I need something to look forward to waking up to," another writes.

Twitter is where Bryan often shares his thoughts and opinions — such as his stance on Ticketmaster (spoiler: he hates it) — and announces new tours and projects. Recently, he even told fans first via Twitter that his sophomore studio album would not be released in early 2023 as he had previously planned.

Bryan also utilized Twitter to communicate about his upcoming Burn, Burn, Burn Tour. Fans who are approved to buy tickets will receive purchase information on Feb. 13. The tour kicks off May 10 in Charlottesville, Va., and wraps up Aug. 30 in Kansas City, Mo.

The apparent deactivation of his Twitter comes days after the 2023 Grammy Awards, at which he was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for his song "Something in the Orange," an award that went to Willie Nelson.

Bryan released a new song called "Dawns," featuring Maggie Rogers, on Jan. 27.

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