Last year was good to Zane Williams. In 2015 the Abilene native scored two Texas-based radio hits with "She Is," and "Jayton and Jill." Pat Green recorded and released his song "While I Was Away," a poignant ode to life on the road. In mid-April of 2015 he released his album "Texas Like That," and in-between played a couple hundred concerts.

"I'm proud to look back at this collection of songs!  Each one is a snapshot or postcard from my life at the time I wrote it.  Thanks to the work you do at radio, and the passion you have for music, many of these songs are now a part of other people's lives and stories as well.  Thank you, so much, for giving my music a voice."  -Zane Williams

In conjunction with the album release, Zane is set to release a new single to radio too. Keep your ears peeled to hear his new song "Here's to You," coming to Radio Texas, LIVE! in the next couple weeks.

All that, and today Zane took a few minutes of his time to share another new song with fans - watch the acoustic version of "Grown Ups Don't Cry," recorded in his van, enjoy.


A new song for you this Tuesday, called "Grown Ups Don't Cry"

Posted by Zane Williams on Tuesday, January 12, 2016