I was piddling around on YouTube today, and I ran across a video on the Music Audience Exchange channel, and thought "Hey! This is totally share-worthy!"

Like Bri Bagwell and her Ford F-150, one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Zane Williams, has teamed up with Ford Music. Except family man, Zane, is taking on the latest features in the new Ford Escape.

As much as I enjoyed Zane's open hatchback acoustic performance of his song "She Is," a tribute to his wife... in the video... I gotta say I was more entertained by his co-stars, his two offspring Buck and Gentry. They are so super cute!

Here's hoping that the people with Texas Ford Dealers hook Zane up with a good deal on a new van, his current one seems jinxed (see below).

Yeeehaw! Remember that van that got stolen? Well we got it back a couple weeks ago and now it's broken down on us in...

Posted by Zane Williams on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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