Cody Jinks has found a nice big niche for folks looking for undeniable, and unapologetic traditional country music. He is fast becoming one of the biggest independent acts in Country Music. He's got a ravenous fan base, and a live show that resonates in your soul.

The swell of support speaks to the desire for honest music today, and the sheer lack of it, more than anything else. Cody Jinks is groundbreaking, and Cody Jinks is a traditionalist. He is honest, he sings the truth.

But ten years ago -- one of Country's hottest acts today -- was playing backyard bar-b-ques here in Texas. We stumbled across this gem of a beardless Jinks and Josh Thompson covering The Marshall Tucker Band's "Heard it in a Love Song."

And if you were among the folks wondering whether or not Jinksy's country magic was rooted in his beard, we now know definitively it is not. But, suppose it could be hiding in that '08 goatee, or the either side pocket of the camo cargo shorts he's rocking.

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