Aaron Watson is set to release his new album in February, and this morning took to Facebook to defend his "Texas Red Dirt" label, and discusses the artwork for his upcoming release, Vaquero.

"This is the cover of VAQUERO," Watson writes. "It says who I am. It says that I am proud of where I come from. This cover is a reflection of the music."

 For so long, I’ve had so many within the music industry tell me, “if you’re ever going to break out and go big time, you are going to have to drop the Texas Red Dirt Music label.” With all due respect, I couldn’t disagree more. The Underdog album made history by becoming the first ever independent album to chart number one on Country Billboard. I believe people are hungry for all different flavors of country music!

Watson’s ‘Vaquero’ is available for pre-order now, and is out on February 24th.

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