Aaron Watson will follow up his 2015, surprise No. 1 album, The Underdog, when he releases his 11th studio album, Vaquero, on February 24th, 2017.

“‘Vaquero,’ which means the ‘original cowboy,’ is an intensely reflective and personal set of songs filled with compelling narratives,” says the Aaron Watson team in an announcement. “Throughout, he depicts stories of a rugged people, humble but hardworking, like himself. He puts a playful spin on an insider’s view on the Texan way of life with ‘Amen Amigo’ and delivers life lessons courtesy of an old vaquero with the title track. On the poignant ‘Diamonds & Daughters,’ he opens up his heart for his little girl. ‘Mariano’s Dream’ is a companion piece to ‘Clear Isabel’ and on ‘They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To’ he sings of the longing for the nostalgia of an earlier time. Listeners have come to know Watson’s pragmatic style and authenticity as an artist over the years. With ‘Vaquero,’ he keeps his Texas flare and honest songwriting at the forefront.”

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