So usually when one of your friend's dad's Facebook pages gets hacked it's because they clicked on something, likely inappropriate, that somehow gave someone else access to their Facebook.

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But in most cases all it takes is for a couple people getting tagged in a Ray Ban sunglasses advertisement or a pornographic video, followed by a quick text to the owner, and an easy change of a password to remedy. That doesn't seem to be the case here, which is why I felt we should help to get the word out.

For all you folks asking me why I'm posting weird things on Facebook... it's not me, my page got hacked! Thank y'all for your patience and please pray for mine! Grrr 😡 - Aaron Watson

Two days ago Aaron Watson posted on Instagram that his Facebook had been hacked. I saw it but, yeah, I honestly didn't give it much thought. Usually these Facebook hacks are resolved quickly and uneventfully. Fast forward to today, and someone is actively sharing very un-Aaron Watson like stuff from his Facebook page.

It appears The Honky Tonk Kid's Facebook is under the control of some mean-spirited people hell bent on sharing un-funny viral videos. A lot seem to center around kids too. Anyway, just know Aaron is not sharing these, and I gotta believe most fans would realize this, we're hoping he gets control back soon. You can follow him on Instagram or Twitter to see how this plays out.

Aaron Watson's latest release "Silverado Saturday Night" rose to No. 1 on Texas radio earlier this year and his latest album American Soul is out now.

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