Aaron Watson has released a new lyric video for his song “To Be The Moon,” off his upcoming record, Red Bandana. According to our friends at Taste of Country, he hopes the song encourage fans everywhere to celebrate their own unique qualities.

“I had a few moments where I kinda got treated like a chump,” Watson said in a interview. “I’m sitting there waiting in line for 10 or 15 minutes to talk to the next one, to do an interview, and you know, some big country star walks up, and they’re like, ‘Sorry, we’ve got to get them in,’ and people are just cutting in front of me. And then when I finally get up there, they’re asking me questions like, ‘What’s your favorite color?’ 99.99 percent of the time that doesn’t bother me, but I had my wife with me, and you know, I wanna be macho in front of my wife. What husband doesn’t want to be?”

The day after the 2017 ACMs Watson was feeling down on himself. That's when he heard from a young friend named Hayden, an 11-year-old who was born with spina bifida. He’s confined to a wheelchair, and the two became friends several years ago after Hayden’s parents brought him out to several of Watson’s shows.

“He texted me, and he said, ‘I saw you on the ACM Awards last night,’” Watson recalls. “And he said, ‘I wanna be a star just like you someday.’”

“I said, ‘Well, I’m not a star.’ And he said, “Well, if you’re not a star, what are you?’ And I said, “Man, I don’t know. Maybe I’m more like the moon.’”

“Explain,” Hayden returned.

“I walked the red carpet, and I was surrounded by all those stars, and honestly, I’m just not one of them. I kinda just don’t fit in," Watson explained. "I’ve never even been nominated, and I don’t even covet those kinds of things. But that’s kind of where ‘To Be the Moon’ came from, is that we can’t all be stars, and that’s okay, because there are other things that are equally as important.”

Read more from Hayden and Aaron exchange here.

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