There's a reason Aaron Watson resonates so well with fans from Texas and across the country. Through his songs and his social media his family life and family struggles, The Honky Tonk Kid has always been an open book.

Yesterday Watson took to Facebook to address his frustrations in his own shortcomings, something we can all relate to. He wrote, "I chewed on Jack pretty good today during his game. I was pretty frustrated with him. Usually Jack is a go-getter but not today. His efforts were poor and I rode him pretty hard about it... he was frustrated with himself as well. He was in tears after the game and I felt about one inch tall. We had a serious talk on the way home and he told me when we got to the house he wanted to hit, pitch and work on getting better... so we practiced at our little sand lot field till the sun went down."

Watson's latest release from Vaquero, "Run Wild Horses" is currently making its way up the Texas charts and Billboard chart.

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