Leave it to this sweet teen to make her first music video debut on Taste of Country! At only 16 years old, I'd say that is quite an accomplishment for Miss Abbey Cone.

It was such a privilege to produce Cone's first music video and be a part of this growing artist's career; she has such a promising career ahead of her.

She is preparing to release her first [self-titled] album, "Abbey," an acoustic record showcasing her stunning voice. It'll be making its way to airwaves near you soon,  but until then, keep her current single, "Love Like Him Again" on repeat and enjoy the video.


Natalie Rhea is a freelance writer, photographer and videographer who regularly contributes to RadioTexasLive.com. She also is the owner of Natalie Rhea Productions, which specializes in documentaries, music photography and music video production. Click here to visit Natalie’s website for exclusive content.

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