He's one of the most sought after songwriters in country music, and perhaps it's most under-appreciated performer. Adam Hood is the level above next level, and by God everyone needs to know it.

For his latest effort, "Real Small Town," Hood gives us a glimpse into his hometown after an EF-4 tornado ripped through Lee County, Alabama on March 3, 2019. The song and video are dedicated to the 23 people who lost their life that day in its wake.

"Real Small Town” is dedicated to Lee County, Alabama, where I was born and raised. I wanted to include clips of recent tornado devastation in our community but I also wanted to share things that are important to me personally-like my daddy’s fishing temple, my mamma’s flower shop & the church where my great grandmother led the first Sunday school worship. - Adam Hood

While his latest single is making its way up the Texas charts, we must note that he co-wrote Whiskey Myers' current five-week-number-one "Rolling Stone" with front man Cody Cannon.

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