Austin Meade's "Happier Alone" landed inside our top 30 for 2020, holding down the number 20 spot, it's a great, rockin' song on it's own; I just hope y'all are ready for the Koe Wetzel update.

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Just in time for the one-year-anniversary of its release, Austin Meade has re-cut the song with Koe Wetzel, and will be re-releasing it this Valentine's Day weekend. Koe told us back in December, when he was on Radio Texas, LIVE!, that he and Austin were cooking up something in the studio during their acoustic run, welp, this is it.

Happier Alone" has really changed my life just since it’s release on Valentine’s Day (2020). We felt it was a special song from the day it was written and I’m so thankful for the people that helped my translate such a simple idea into a kickass song and video.

And if you guys follow Koe or Austin on socials, it's apparent that the two have something more for us, in addition to the remix, it looks as though we'll be getting a new music video as well. It looks like the guys are back in the skating rink for it, most likely a continuation of the original "Happier Alone" video that Austin dropped last November. We're ready. Oh and don't forget, Meade's new album, Black Sheep, is out on February, 19th.

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