Y'all best not be sleeping on Austin Meade. In March of 2019 Meade delivered a nostalgic ride through the time honored sounds of rock mixed with Americana with his album Waves, the follow-up to his 2016 EP Heartbreak Coming.

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Waves took all of 7 days to record this album, a solid week of ideas traded back and forth between Meade and his producer Elijah Ford, who also played bass and sang backing harmonies. The brutal honesty that is the foundation of their relationship became the compass towards the album’s true north.

"Happier Alone" has really changed my life just since it’s release on Valentine’s Day. We felt it was a special song from the day it was written and I’m so thankful for the people that helped my translate such a simple idea into a kickass song and video.

This week Mead dropped the new music video for his song "Deja Vu" the follow-up to his hit "Happpier Alone," which was our 20th biggest song of 2020. We are digging it. Be listening for it on our app and Saturday nights on the live show. Last November Austin announced a new record deal with Snakefarm Records, and a new album, Black Sheep, that is coming in February 2021. And Austin and Koe Wetzel have teamed up for something we should be getting soon, so keep 'em peeled

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