The Texas Country Music Association, Inc. announced today that Texas Country Music Artist Brandon Rhyder will serve as Spokesperson for the Organization.

“We’ve asked Brandon to represent TCMA as our Spokesperson and are excited to announce that he has accepted,” says Linda Wilson, President and founder of the Texas Country Music Association. “Brandon represents exactly what TCMA is all about. He’s extraordinarily talented in so many areas and a very humble and kind person. He puts such passion into his singing, songwriting and signature sound that fans adore, and that is definitely an inspiration to other artists.” she says.

Brandon Rhyder co-hosted the 2017 Texas Country Music Awards in his hometown of Carthage, TX on September 28 at the invitation of TCMA founders Linda and Richard Wilson and fit in to the organization and team naturally. “The Awards show was a blast. It was really cool seeing so many talented Texas artists in one room. TCMA is a great organization and really energizes them and the industry as a whole. I’m looking forward to things to come, and I’m going work together with the team to help raise awareness of the tremendous musical talent Texas has to offer.” says Rhyder, who will also host the 2018 Texas Country Music Awards.

Rhyder, who has firmly and permanently established himself in Texas Country Music scene, has released 7 studio and 2 live albums including a self-titled project in 2017. Brandon continues to push boundaries and deliver fresh material that leaves fans wanting more. You can find out more about Brandon and download his music at

The Texas Country Music Association, Inc., is a 501c3 nonprofit membership organization dedicated to aid in the success of not only artists and musicians, but also communities, venues, media, businesses and individuals who work diligently behind the scenes to make it all happen.

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