Last Sunday (March 11) Brandon Rhyder was hospitalized with an infection. And today we have some good news to pass along. After five days in the hospital, Rhyder has gone home.

Yesterday he updated friends and fans with a Facebook post:

I don’t know where to start. I have had every test imaginable. I am in great shape. My blood, organs, bones, all good. The Dr. said I had the most thorough physical a man could ever get. I would like to take a minute and thank Dr Saldana and Team at Nacogdoches Medical Center. Though baffled, confused and concerned, he never stopped moving forward. I know I kept him awake at night. Where there were questions, he dug deep, made calls and got answers. Thank you sir. I entered the hospital septic and they worked hard from the beginning to get my numbers back in the right spots & my fever down. As we searched for answers they chose the right medicines to achieve these goals. They also worked relentlessly to keep my pain levels down as the infection wreaked havoc on my body. It was frustrating because we kept coming up empty handed time and time again. It’s crazy to think, but I almost wanted a test to come back positive so at least we’d know what to focus on. Dr Saldana worked with infectious disease specialists and we continued to do this test, take that sample, send that culture. In the end it remains a mystery. Through much hard work and consultation we have determined it to be a viral infection. It does not have a name. It is time for me to rest for a while. My strength is zapped. We will keep a watchful eye on how my body responds. Thank you to my wife for being by my side. My family for being there to help and visit. My brother Robbie and wife Marcie for pulling everything together at camp and taking in the kids. Aunt Kristi. My good friends Bob and David and Kevin. Mom and Dad. Mary Jackson. —— I have spent a many a day on the Jackson Farm. Now every year, we continue to make memories there. It’s such a beautiful place. Rolling hills, big tall trees, trails, wildlife, lakes, creeks. My kids love it as much as Kel and I do. Go off the grid and recharge my battery. I was in my element. Went to bed at the cabin fine on Saturday night, woke up deathly sick on Sunday morning. Probably won’t ever know what caused it. But it reminds me of what is important. God bless you all. Thank you for the prayers. I Love you. I’m going home.

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