This year I forgot to DVR the GRAMMYS. It was my bachelor party weekend, and I just forgot. I never like to watch the show live, but I definitely like watching later. When I can fast forward through boring parts. But nope, not this year.

Thank God for the internet. Now, this is purely subjective -- but let's just call it. Brandy Clark stole the GRAMMYS.

Her GRAMMY performance has since been removed from the internet, so you'll have to settle for seeing her perform it a fews ago, acoustic -- but trust me there's no settling here.

After the intimate, acoustic Brandy/Dwight version of “Hold My Hand,” sales spiked a ridiculous 23,871%. Yes, that’s a comma, not a decimal point. Of course it helped that sales for the album track were negligible to begin with, but with the help of the Grammy Awards, she sold and additional 5,000+ downloads. Coming in second amongst performed songs was Beck’s “Heart Is A Drum.” It sold an additional 3,000 downloads for a percentage spike of 2,995%.

Brandy’s 12 Stories ended up 3rd on the list of biggest-gaining albums post Grammy bump in percentage. The album moved an additional 2,000 units for a 275% gain. The biggest gainer was Beck’s Best Album winner Morning Phase, which saw an increase of 10,000 units sold for a 945% spike.

Her album '12 Stories' was up for Best Country Album, and Clark was nominated for all-genre Best New Artist. You can catch her on tour this year with Alan Jackson. Last year, you may recall, she sang with Wade Bowen on the Alabama remake of 'Love in the First Degree,' their version went to No. 1 in Texas.