Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark on TV
Earlier this week Brandy Clark made her Today show debut. The songstress performed her Grammy-nominated song “Love Can Go to Hell.” The song can be found on her new Grammy-nominated album, Big Day in a Small Town.
New Album on June 10
You've got to see Brandy Clark's stripped down, emotional performance of her new song, “Three Kids No Husband”.
Clark who has penned hit songs for: Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes, Billy Currington, Darius Rucker and Kacey…
Kacey Musgraves is all set to follow up her debut, Grammy winning album, "Same Trailer Different Park," this summer.
'Hold My Hand'
This year I forgot to DVR the GRAMMYS. It was my bachelor party weekend, and I just forgot. I never like to watch the show live, but I definitely like watching later. When I can fast forward through boring parts. But nope, not this year.
Brandy Clark on GMA
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If you listen to Radio Texas, LIVE! with any sort of regularity, you're likely a more all-around happy person, and you've probably heard us talkin' about Brandy Clark. Not only did she duet with Wade Bowen on the remake of Alabama's Love in the First Degree, she's c…
RTX Sunday Video — Wade Bowen ‘Saturday Night’
Currently you can hear Wade Bowen on radio singin' the ol' Alabama song, "Love in the First Degree." But, Bowen has turned the timeless classic into a duet with one of Country Music's most promising young starlets in Brandy Clark.
Today, from his 2011 album "The Given," enjoy an a…
Brandy + Ellen
Boy, oh boy, was I excited when I heard this news. Brandy Clark is hot stuff right now, and she's quickly making waves and new fans everywhere she goes. Her 2013 record, 12 Stories, is spreading like wildfire with her edgy and dark humor -- not unlike Kacey Musgraves, whom she has co-written a …
Remember these?
We all cheer for a good love story, am I right? Yet somehow - love stories turned sour seem to make pretty wicked songs. Check out our favorite 'love gone wrong' songs. You can probably guess they all end six feet in the ground…
5. Charlie Robison 'Lights of Lovin County'